One comment on “Come join us!

  1. Hi

    My name is Doug and I am an alcoholic. I’ve been in AA and sober just over 20 years. I became atheist over the last 4-5 years. Though the process was gradual I’ve contemplated and left AA approximately two years ago. I’m simply bored of the discussions. I can’t say that I’m getting nothing out of the meetings but I will say that many of the meetings include “coincidence” talks and stories of how prayers will remove resentments. On the whole, I no longer use the 12 steps but I’ve modified my program by removing the God stuff and including some of the secular principles taught in AA. I have met a few secular members but they are rare. I’ve recently came back to meetings but my attendance is rare. I’m more tolerable of the God talk but I’m usually silent.

    Recently, I’ve began googling AA and atheism. I’ve seen some good sites in Toronto (where I recently came from) and in the states. I then had the bright idea of typing AA, atheism and halifax. Voila…. I came across your website. My rare attendance left me in the dark about you guys. I’ll make my way out to you soon.

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